Hi, I'm Vip!

Former Hobbyist Desktop Programmer turned into current Web Developer, interested in:

  • React
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • SVG
  • Human-friendly interface design
  • JAMstack


demo of project named 'An Object Lesson'
An Object Lesson

I freely spend a lot of my time explaining programming concepts to people who are completely self-taught. I often found myself explaining prototypal-inheritance in object-oriented Javascript (OOJS). I realized that without the ability to visualize it, many people were just not getting it. So, I created a playground for people to understand how the Javascript prototype chain works, and the ways it is connected to constructors and vice-versa. The project is still in development, but here's a demo. Article explaining inheritance coming soon. Tech: React, SVG, and a reusable <DraggableSVG> component.

Source Code on Gitlab
Bootstrap Viewport Pixel Width
JSON to text converter for FreeCodeCamp Lessons
CSS Cheat Sheet (FCC Project)
Tribute to Dr. Apgar (FCC Project)

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